In an Industry where reversible units are exponentially growing; inverter technology is creating new challenges in handling partial load conditions and Regulation are imposing stringent targets; SWEP recognized a technology gap that was possible to fulfill: An Evaporator optimized in Co-current mode, with zero Superheating at the outlet and a small portion of HTA dedicated as SGHE. Evaporator that: once reversed as Condenser in Counter current, is delivering uncompromised performances

Value proposition

  • Improved Thermal efficiency, the SGHE part, on the top of the Heat Exchanger, is optimizing the distribution and improve EER both at full and partial load. In addition evaporation process is boosted due to Co-Current arrangement
  • Extended envelope, with counter current arrangement in condenser mode we gain more than 3,0 K in temperature approach improving COP and offering the capability to exploit the full envelope of compressors.
  • High Freezing resistence, due to co-current optimization in evaporation mode, the warmest water is entering in the coldest part (refrigerant inlet) contributing to protect the BPHE against freezing phenomena.
  • Reduced WpD, Enhanced plate patterns design is enabling low Water Pressure drop without OHTC disruption.