SWEP’s connection plate technology is a proven, efficient and reliable solution to various applications were power-to-weight & -space ratio is key. Existing solutions stretches above 10MW in rated engine power at medium to high operating speeds. Good fit for conventional and future fuels.

Value proposition

  • Compact: Occupies up to 50% less space than other heat exchanger technologies. Reducing overall engine size with easy and accessible installation
  • Modular: Several port sizes available to optimize for various flow rates, while adding plates to increase capacity. Face milled connection plate to secure proper installations at engine block installations
  • Material efficiency: Up to 60% lighter than other heat exchanger technologies, brings improved engine power-to-weight ratio.
  • High thermal performance: Enables tight temperature approaches securing better heat recovery and improved thermal responsiveness.
  • Service free: No wearable parts or rubber gaskets to change, resulting in low maintenance and lifecycle costs in a vibration-resistant design.

Application examples

Lube, transmission & gearbox oil-coolers and jacket water-coolers in compressors, wind & various engine applications for power generation, propulsion and combined heat & power.