In most of the countries, in reinforcement of national Regulation, Retailers and Food Chain stakeholders are constantly seeking for more environmentally sustainable solutions. CO2 (R-744) is offering unbeatable performances, especially when the compressor packs are equipped with heat recovery systems.
CO2 Boosters pressure level is stretching all the system’s components, challenging SWEP R&D to find solutions to withstand up to 140 bar without any external frame.

Value proposition

  • Enhanced Range: With three different sizes, B4T, B18 and B185 and eight models
  • Extended NTU reaches (Plates type H, M, L) All sizes offer the possibility to use different plates corrugation enabling our customers to chose the most suitable model for design characteristics of their systems.
  • Combo Connections, To simplify our customers choices we developed unique connections that can allow both brazing and welding, according the piping material and characteristic.
  • Logistic set-up, Stock solution of standard models, already implemented in our Central Warehouse.