Residential Heating

SWEP has a long history and experience in residential heating covering comfort and tap water heating. Typical applications for our brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs) are air to water and ground sourced heat pumps as well as them being used for heating tap water and boilers.
  • Air Source Heat Pumps

    In air to water (AtW) heat pumps, outdoor/exhaust air is used as the heat source in an air coil to evaporate the refrigerant. After the compressor, the energy is released into a water circuit that is used to provide comfort heating or to heat tap water, in a similar way to the GSHP condenser.

    At low ambient air temperatures, the evaporation temperature of the air coil falls below the freezing point of water. Moisture condensing on the coil freezes, reducing the efficiency of the system. A common way to melt the ice from the air coil is to reverse the system, making the air coil the condenser and the BPHE the evaporator. Many AtW heat pumps are also designed to operate in cooling mode in the summer, again by reversing the system to make the air coil the condenser and the BPHE the evaporator.

    Our high-efficiency BPHE condensers can be equipped with a distribution system to improve performance and reduce the risk of freezing when they are operating as evaporators.

    To increase efficiency in AtW heat pumps, some compressors are equipped with an economizer port. The economizer function cools the compressor and increases the sub-cooling of the liquid refrigerant. We have a standard economizer selection for Emerson Copeland EVI compressors.
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  • Boilers

    Gas boilers are commonly used to provide radiator heating and hot water for millions of apartments and houses worldwide, and this is the preferred technology where natural gas is readily available. Compact and highly efficient, SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs) enable smaller gas boilers to achieve maximum energy efficiency ratings.
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  • Ground Source Heat Pumps

    The ground source heat pump (GSHP) uses energy stored in the bedrock, surface soil, or water, as the heat source for the evaporator. Our BPHE evaporators have optimized distribution devices to ensure the best possible efficiency in GSHP evaporator duties.

    We have a wide range of BPHEs with a long thermal length, which helps to maximize the efficiency of the condensing operation. We also offer double-wall BPHEs for extra safety, for example when the refrigerant circuit heats tap water directly.
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  • Hot Water Heat Pumps

    In the past, domestic hot water comprised only a small part of a building’s total energy demand. However, as the insulation quality of buildings increases, so then the space heating demand drops while our hot water use for washing and showering has if anything increased. The ratio between energy requirements for space heating compared to domestic hot water has been has reverted so that domestic hot water production now has higher focus.

    System description

    Cold water from the bottom of the water tank enters the BPHE that heats the water by condensing the refrigerant. Hot water is supplied from the top of the tank to the shower and tap water sink.
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  • Swimming pool

    Keeping the swimming pool water at a comfortable and constant temperature requires an efficient heating system. The SWEP brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE) offers a compact and efficient solution for condensing boilers and heat pumps. The efficiency of the BPHE is several times higher than the efficiency of traditional technologies such as coaxial or shell & tube and this opens up for considerable cost savings.
    SEALIX surface protection gives the heat exchanger a prolonged lifetime in pool heating for chlorinated pools, salt chlorinator pools (Saltwater pools) and SPAs.
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