BPHE General

This site collects general information that applies to a majority of SWEP BPHEs and that is not usually type specific. Here you find everything from a basic technical introduction of the BPHE to more SWEP specific information like testing procedures and results, quality assurance and phased out products. 

What is a BPHE? 

The Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (BPHE) is one of the most efficient ways to transfer heat from one medium to another. A BPHE consists of corrugated plates combined to create complex channels through which a hot medium and a cold medium can be distributed. The mediums come into close proximity inside the BPHE, on either side of the corrugated plate without mixing, and energy is transferred from one to the other as they flow side-by-side. The modular product concept, with totally customizable parts, means the right product solution for  every application can always be found.