The original ADWIS just got greater, achieved through key design to value activities without compromising its robustness. The ADWIS unit is still a breakthrough in compactness with high drying efficiency and performance. It combines a refrigerant-to-air heat exchanger and an air-to-air heat recovery unit sandwiched by an integrated separator in a modular design. This cost-effective solution offers stable pressure drop, convenient drainage and simple installation. It is proven for new medium and high-pressure refrigerants.

Value proposition

  • Efficiency: Stable and high performance with low pressure drop
  • Integrated separator: Easier and more compact integration, reducing quality traps with convenient drainage and high drying efficiency
  • Robust: Solution in stainless steel for high working pressures
  • Reduced refrigerant charge: AsyMatrix® technology on the refrigerant-to-air side, reducing the increasingly expensive refrigerant charge while maintaining a low pressure drop on the air-side

Application examples

Refrigerated air dryers up to 400 Nm3/h designed for both ISO class 5 & 4